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Open letter to Professor Loren Cordain about Ketogenic and Paleolithic Diet(s)
Dear Professor Loren Cordain, One should only grab a pen or, in this case, a keyboard and write an open

International press conference - A breath of fresh air in diabetes care
  “A modern discovery is a discovery because it goes against all established knowledge. If

Brilliant scientific success! Type 1 diabetes has been overcome. There is only one question left: will Hungarian or French researchers take credit for this groundbreaking discovery?
Before we get started, here is a brief explanation of the title and of its practical implications. THE

Clinical Open Days (COD) videos are now available


Clinical Open Days Videos


Here you will be able to find the presentations delivered at the Clinical Open Days program which took place 5-7 Apr 2018 and was hosted by Paleomedicina Hungary. Presentation videos from the Clinical Open Days event are available for purchase (75 EUR) at this link.

Once you have purchased the videos, please send an email to paleomedicina@gmail.com


Between 5 and 7 April 2018, we have organized Clinical Open Days to show you what principles we use in our clinical practice as well as the results that we have achieved. It was also an opportunity to meet our patients personally. Through hard facts and interesting case studies we have demonstrated how there might be a way to achieve a perfect and lasting cure.

The Paleomedicina Hungary medical and research group deals with the nutritional intervention therapy of patients with chronic diseases. We have gradually but determinedly developed a method that appears to have superior effectiveness to standard medical therapies used thus far. The major means of our method is the paleolithic ketogenic diet. The diet is not new in terms of its physiological basis; there are excellent predecessors to our group who have likewise been following an evolutionary approach.

Since 2013 we have been using the paleolithic ketogenic diet exclusively in our clinical practice. Using this dietary approach as a monotherapy appears to achieve the best results. In our clinical experience, using the paleolithic ketogenic diet we are able to control cancer irrespective of the tissue type and we are also able to halt autoimmune processes. From 2017 onwards we have been measuring and studying intestinal permeability in our own laboratory, and our results from this lab along with previous measurements (from another lab) suggest that we may have found a solution for reversing abnormally elevated intestinal permeability.

As regards cancer, our clinical results indicate that ketosis alone, for example brought about by the classic ketogenic diet does not achieve the best possible results. With the help of our presenters we will review various aspects which should be considered when treating patients with cancer.

We are of the opinion that there is a need for a radical overhaul of the current standard approach to medicine, in the first instant for the sake of the patients themselves. Internal medicine is currently based on theories which are frequently clinically ineffective.

It is a great honour for us that internationally recognized experts have accepted our invitation to attend and present at our event. All of the presenters and topics are enthralling, however, we would like to especially feature Professor Thomas Seyfried, a pioneer in the metabolic therapy of cancer, which is a sea-change in the approach to cancer. We can say without exaggeration that Professor Seyfried has rediscovered the use of ketosis for cancer treatment. He is one of the few in whose footsteps we followed when we started to use nutritonal therapy in cancer patients. We would also like to feature Arjun Panesar, who along with his co-workers, developed the online Low Carb Program (diabetes.co.uk) as a far more effective alternative to standard diabetes care. Through this program tens of thousands have relegated their type 2 diabetes into remission and they have created the world’s largest online diabetes community at the same time. The results clearly show that diabetes.co.uk is winning the war.




1. Andrea Dabóczi: Paleolithic ketogenic diet (PKD): Weight loss and cure in one blow. Three years’ experience in patient workshops
2. László G. Boros: Glycogenic versus ketogenic metabolism: Medical perspectives
3. Zoltán Simon: Treatment of panic disorder with the paleolithic ketogenic diet (PKD): a case study
4. Zsófia Clemens: Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: fasting and stimulated C-peptide
5. Arjun Panesar: Big data to big impact
6. Ian Lake: A journey on the road less travelled in Type 1 diabetes. Insights from dietary experiments.
7. Zsófia Clemens: Vitamin and mineral supplements: Do we really need them on a full-value diet?
8. Csaba Tóth: It’s time to cure cancer, autoimmune and other chronic diseases. Causes, pathophysiology and therapy
9. Péter Merész: HPLC-RP analysis of polyethylene glycol (PEG 400) for measuring intestinal permeability
10. Zsófia Clemens: Intestinal permeability: causes and its relevance to autoimmune diseases and cancer
11. Amber O'Hearn: Personal experiences in long-term carnivorous eating: benefits beyond carbohydrate restriction
12. Thomas Seyfried: Cancer as a mitochondrial metabolic disease: Implications for novel therapeutics (online presentation)
13. Zsófia Clemens: Combating cancer: Paleolithic ketogenic diet (PKD) as a stand-alone therapy. Theory, practice and results.
14. Csaba Tóth: The paleolithic ketogenic diet (PKD) is more effective than medicines in treating chronic internal diseases. The art of tapering preexisting medicines.
15. Ferenc Nagy – Mária Schimmer: Paleolithic ketogenic diet: perspective from the kitchen
16. Zsófia Clemens: Paleo, low-carb, ketogenic, GAPS, AIP: Choose what you want?
17. Károly Nagy: Raw meat feeding of dogs
18. Gianluca Bosetti: Ketogenic diet and sports nutrition: the advantages of carbs periodization



Why do we charge for the videos?

Paleomedicina Hungary is not sponsored by companies or businesses, research funds, nor do we want to get engaged with any market players in the future. Unlike many other events, Clinical Open Days was not sponsored by any businesses.  We did not host vendors either at the event. This is the way important medical and scientific information can be channeled to you in a clear, unbiased and unconflicted manner. 

Also, patent rights usually protect contents that are novel and relevant. The paleolithic ketogenic diet (PKD), as a medical tool, is however not patentable according to the law, given that this is generally not permitted for curative methods to the human body. 




Clemens Zsófia Phd


Photos: Michael Graeme


The Paleomedicina approach is that of evolutionary medicine which has a wholly scientific basis. We do not use naturopathic methods and we distance ourselves from such methods. Our scientific papers published in international medical journals can be viewed here.




We are managing patients with chronic internal diseases using a dietary intervention method. These diseases include all types of diabetes, autoimmune diseases, such as Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis. But it also includes atherosclerosis.

We are working with specialists who are highly experienced in epilepsy and cancer as well. We provide complex rehabilitation from diagnostics to complete recovery.

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