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Une crise de la vésicule biliaire, des calculs de la vésicule biliaire ou autre chose? Des symptômes de la vésicule biliaire pendant un régime paléo?
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PKD Questions and Answers - 2

Answers by Dr. Csaba Tóth (07.29 2020)



Q1: Why aren’t high fat dairy foods like cheese, double thick cream and butter included in a Pk diet? Is this based on evidence or anecdotal experience?

Nothing in PKD can be based on anecdotal experience because then it would not be scientifically sound. Due to the specific mechanism of action of the immune system, milk proteins can trigger inflammatory reactions even in the smallest amount, due to the dentritic cells. There is no dairy that is not containing milk proteins. Even ghee, contains it in small quantities.

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Q2: Asking again because it has not yet been addressed: what is Paleomedicina's opinion on eating a 100% raw diet of raw meat and raw fat? is anyone in this group practising it? i personally have been eating raw meat and fat for over 2 years now and found digestion and energy much better. (i still eat some non-PKD approved items though). i would also be curious to hear the experts' opinion on eating wild caught fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, char...). is it beneficial for omega 3's and such (in case one is unable to source brains) or would you consider fatty ruminant meat superior in all regards?

Please, see the above answer.


Q3: It would be interesting to know and have experience as high level athletes in various disciplines / strength athletes, who have followed pkd for a long time. How their performance / results has changed over time. How to use PKD, and how manipulate proteins and fats, to gain muscle mass and hypertrophy in bodybuilders and strenght athletes?

As I have written before, this is a very specific question that can only be answered properly here. Anyone interested can take advantage of our services.


Q4: If i don't have access to brain and marrow can i only eat liver in larger amounts ?

I also answered this question last week.


Q5: Is duck fat allowed in PKD?

I theory, yes, if the good quality. But finding a good source is almost impossible.


Q6: If not asked already, is there a type of honey that is best or ideal, e.g. Manuka or just any raw honey?

It doesn't matter.


Q7: Can local bee pollen be included (1 teaspoon) without sabotaging results? My husband is a bee keeper so we have our own honey and pollen.

It makes no sense. It is not useful but may contain biologically active plant proteins that increase membrane permeability.


Q8: Does each meal have to be 2:1 or just the total daily?

Each meal.


Decided to change my question for this week. Because of religious dietary restrictions I cannot eat pork or suet, what other main sources of fat are recommended since this diet is primarily fat motivated?

Any animal fat


Q9: Are there cases where PEG400 tests turned out to be negative, in spite of the existence of an autoimmune disease?

No, autoimmune diseases are typically associated with increased intestinal permeability.


Q10: Hello, I would like to know what is the PKD's thinking about some substances or foods that have been heard for many years that are very beneficial, for example:, turmeric, ginger, aloe, you will see, oregano etc ... Thank you

Please, read the general rules or protocol


Q11: Is organic liver significantly better for us and why? Is liver better off to be eaten raw or cooked and why?

Anything that is organic is better than commercial.


Q12: If I eat too much fat, will this be evident in my blood glucose and ketone readings?



Q13: What is the optimal age to introduce a baby (PKD mum and breastfeeding) to solid food (meat fat and organ meat). What amount of protein and organ meat is recommended for babies? Is there also a 2:1 fat protein ratio recommended for babies? Does anyone have any resources and information that I can read for babies starting PKD?

I have answered this question before. One year of age or over.


Q14: When can egg yolks be introduced? And when whole eggs?

This is one of the typically individualized questions.


Q15: Feeling cold, could that be a sign of metabolism slowing down? ( beeing an athelete with high muscle mass low fat%)



Q16: Does a daily teaspoon (10-20gr) of honey could be okay for patients during the deep healing protocol?

It depends on the disease.


Q17: I've tried to not weight the food and eat close to 2:1 ratio, only following my hunger. In this way, I eat too much total food. And proteins bring my fasted glucose over 80, ketones always over 2.5. (Probably proteins might go over 1-1.2 gr/kg). Might be a problem from too much proteins? In this case the optimal thing is come back to use the scale?

Is this is an optimal thing until you learn the rules and to eat to your real hunger.




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