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Interview with Dr. Csaba Tóth by Evolutamente.it

  An interview with dr. Csaba Tóth by Evolutamente.it and ImmunoreicaSource of the article   We have the honor to introduce a great interview to one of the best exponents of the pure version of the Paleo diet, Csaba Tóth. He’s

My recovery: A complete program for the rehabilitation of internal and muscosceletal disorders

  International Center for Medical Nutritional Intervention (ICMNI) - Paleomedicina Hungary   Next patient event’s date: 10-15 February  2019     What is the goal of the program?The goal of the program is to restore your health

Brain tumour (glioblastoma) and paleo-ketogenic diet

Below follows an account by one of our patients about his case. To be sure, glioblastoma is, for several reasons, one of the most, if not the most, aggressive types of cancer. The average length of survival following diagnosis is very short, barely six months.

Nitrates and Nitrites: Are they harmless?

Chris Kresser, a man well known to the followers of Paleolithic diets, and a concomitant article by a Hungarian writer in 2012 defended the use of nitrates and nitrites in foodstuffs, primarily in meat products. He presented nitrates and nitrites as substances

Clinical Open Days: Full program

  REGISTRATION   More information on Clinical Open Days       SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM     FIRST DAY: 05 April 2018   14.00-14.10 Opening thoughts CASE PRESENTATIONS (no online streaming*) • 14.10-14.25 Childhood

Vitamin C and cancer

  Sales of dietary supplements, including vitamin C, have reached record figures all over the world. Dealers have made us believe of numerous food supplements that it is not worth beginning the day without them. Let us see just the most popular ones: magnesium,

Paleomedicina: Clinical Open Days

  Nutritional and Medical ScienceAttend personally or online*! Registration is open from the 6th of February 2018   FULL PROGRAM OF CLINICAL OPEN DAYS   Between 5 and 7 April 2018, we would like to show you what principles we use in our clinical

The brain researcher says Szent-Györgyi was wrong: It's no use taking vitamin C

  Dr Zsófia Clemens, brain researcher: Albert Szent-Györgyi was no doubt wrong on the issue: it’s no use taking vitamin C. Taking vitamin C supplements will not contribute to better health, even if it’s not easy to accept this concept

The sunshine vitamin? Really? The true cause of vitamin D deficiency. Five practicable tips.

To begin with, if you like having a nice sunbath, say, after swimming, don’t be sure that you’ve done enough to get the vitamin D your body needs. The source of our perpetual vitamin D deficiency lies in our diet, which contains less and less food of

The salt craze is up and running despite a feasible solution

  Official medicine has been trying to persuade people not to eat “excessive amounts” of salt for almost 20 years, while others have contrary views. In fact, salt consumption seems to be a subject of passionate debate among medical and dietetics


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We are managing patients with chronic internal diseases using a dietary intervention method. These diseases include all types of diabetes, autoimmune diseases, such as Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis. But it also includes atherosclerosis.

We are working with specialists who are highly experienced in epilepsy and cancer as well. We provide complex rehabilitation from diagnostics to complete recovery.

In case you wish to consult us, we will ask for your medical documentation in advance. You may send it electronically or by surface mail. Only having read your documentation we are able to fix an appointment with you.


Medical consultation:

- for new patients: 110 EUR, also online 

- control visits: 75 EUR, also online 

Consultation for professionals 2x90 minutes 465 EUR 

Daily fee at our rehabilitation center including medical services, hotel services and paleolithic ketogenic meals

155 EUR

Price for diagnostics (MRI, CT, ultrasound, second opinions) depend on the diagnostic laboratories and the cooperating physician. Prices are determined on a case-by-case basis.

In Hungary we are the first and currently the only one testing for intestinal permeability. Its price is 155 EUR. If you want to have an intestinal permeability test, we will ask you to send the amount via bank transfer (Paleomedicina Hungary, CIB Bank, IBAN: HU70-10700598­68451671­55700009, SWIFT: CIBHHUHB) in advance, or you can pay with "PayPal".

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E-Mail: paleomedicina@gmail.com